Saskia Maarse

From a very young age, Saskia was fascinated by the vibe and dynamics of travel. So it is not surprising that she spent more than ten years working in the tourism sector, several of which were abroad. After working together with people from other cultures, she discovered the different approaches taken. Her work experience abroad and subsequent global travel broadened her view of the world and its inhabitants.

Back in the Netherlands, she spent another few years working for various travel organisations. She then decided to do something new and returned to school to become a graphic designer. The idea for her first book, Tutti Frutti was born in 2010, when, as an independent graphic designer, Saskia engaged in dialogue with business professionals from various nationalities and cultures in the Netherlands.

For her books Tutti frutti and Onder de zeespiegel, Saskia spent more than six years travelling across the Netherlands interviewing business professionals and managers from 35 different countries and cultures about their experiences with the Dutch.

During her interviews with participants, Saskia was continuously confronted about the characteristics of Dutch culture. She decided to more closely examine Dutch (business) culture and how it differs and compares to other countries. She attended various cultural training courses and soon was asked to give lectures and workshops as an intercultural expert.

Saskia Maarse now works as a full-time speaker and author. Her mission is to provide people and organizations in an inspiring and humoristic manner – through blogs, books and lectures/workshops – with cultural insights and awareness in order to promote mutual understanding.

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